Episode 57: You Are Like A Little Baby

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THIS WEEK: Sven and Van continue Kikaider 01 (1973) and are introduced to the SHADOW organization. Compelled almost against their will, our hosts are here to dredge out the good points from under a mountain of nonsense. Join them as the hosts are increasingly confused about which show they’re covering; the character Gunta will amaze you with his irrelevance; and Big Shadow asks an important question: how many layers of supervillainy are YOU on?

The article on ghost stories in Hawaii can be found here.

Content note: Episode 12 of Kikaider 01 has instances of animal abuse (in character; no real animals were harmed, etc).

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Episode 55: This Is Stupid

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THIS WEEK: “Change 01!” The historians return for more android shenanigans in Kikaider 01, the sequel to Android Kikaider. Not to put too fine a point on it, the show discards its overarcing themes of what it means to be a human in favor of unmitigated nonsense. Does this make it better? The answer may surprise you. Join Van and Sven as they consider the practicality of a solar-powered robot with a battery life of five seconds; Sven has a temporary Dr. Seuss-related mixup; they see prototypical Sentai villain squad dynamics; and they are baffled at the mystery plot surrounding Akira and Rieko.

This show… might be a bit stupid.

The full series of Kikaider 01 is available legally in the US, once again through Generation Kikaida!

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