Episode 49: Moon’s Haunted

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THIS WEEK: Sven and Van cover the second half of the 1973 Inazuman TV series, and Ishinomori’s manga of the same name. Goro Watari and Saburo Kazeda gear up to fight their iterations of Emperor Banba. Things get weird. We discuss Ishinomori’s peculiarities; Goro Watari cannot transform in the frozen time; there’s a prolonged awkward mutual striptease; and Van dies live on air as things get to levels of incoherency rarely seen on the podcast. Inazuman sure was something.

The Inazuman manga is available on Comixology, and the TV show on Generation Kikaida!

The short story Van mentions is “I Just Think It Will Happen, Soon” by Rebecca Campbell.

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Episode 47: A PhD in Draculas

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THIS WEEK: Summon Supreme Power…? Not quite! Van and Sven try something a little different, as they compare the 1973 show Inazuman with the Shotaro Ishinomori manga. The Historians follow the stories of Goro Watari and Saburo Kazeda, as they point out the shoehorning of formula; the horrors of noclip are observed at length; neither Van or Sven understand what priests are; they mark out over ridiculous psychic duels; Sven gets freaked out by shaved eyebrows; and, according to the Historians, at least one of them has a PhD in Draculas.

The Inazuman manga is available on Comixology, and the TV show on Generation Kikaida!

Content note: The manga contains depictions of sexual harassment and attempted assault. There’s also a non-explicit scene with a teacher in a relationship with a minor/student (we gloss over it, but timestamps to skip: 1:41:00 – 1:42:00).

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