Episode 16: We Know The Devilman (feat. Tara Wrist)

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CONTENT WARNING: Devilman (and Crybaby especially) has some topics that are sensitive to talk about on the podcast. Notable discussions include violence, gore and dismemberment, sex and sexuality, abusive relationships, a sexual assault/rape scene, suicide, cannibalism, incest, and general navigation of queer (& queercoded) characters and LGBT experiences. Oh, and blasphemy. Lots of blasphemy.

SPOILER WARNING: This podcast episode covers much of the nitty-gritty of Devilman Crybaby, including SPOILERS for the whole run! If you are interested in watching Devilman Crybaby, be forewarned: We can’t discuss it here without discussing the big moments.

THIS WEEK: The Historians are two-thirds back from their sudden disappearance, and have brought a friend on Easter to talk with them about Satan apologism. In addition, Go Nagai is the original horny on main; we try and fail to avoid mentioning Homestuck; Van was lied to on Twitter; Ryo Asuka believes in biotruths; we’re all definitely going to hell; and Devilman died for your sins.

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Episode 14: The Adventures of Extreme Depression Man

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THIS WEEK: Sven and Van must recap the Mythos arc having lost the chief thing keeping this podcast anywhere near focused – Alexa. In addition, Greek Gods were apparently really fond of Tetsujin 28; Sven’s Japanese is very, very rusty; Dr. Gaia is a crazy person even by the standards of Black Ghost, goth eyeliner is indistinguishable from Evil Brainwashing eyeliner; Joe finally gets a chance to show his actual character; Van blames the baby; and our favorite hero is Extreme Depression Man.

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Episode 9: Old Man Yells At Fascism

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THIS WEEK: The Historians Take a Detour to the Kamen Rider Spirits manga; Sven might be pronouncing things wrong on purpose now; Hongo is definitely not handling his depression well, Hayato is a complete shitlord; the Metal Gear comparisons intensify; everyone gets hype over cyborg gore (cybgore); we kinkshame Kenichi Muraeda, and when the era needs it–Kamen Rider will definitely revive.

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As Mentioned in Episode 6: Black Ghost’s TED Talk

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As Mentioned in Episode 5: Great Leader’s Great Dental Plan

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Episode 5: Great Leader’s Great Dental Plan

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THIS WEEK: We introduce our coverage of the Kamen Rider franchise; we have to talk about Japanese regnal eras; Sven shows off his voice acting chops; being an X-Men fan is suffering; Mr. John Toei won’t let grandpa back in the suit; Paul Marketing appears nonetheless; Hongo is the dumbest supergenius we’ve ever seen; no one at Shocker has a medical degree; Rider has been a hero for outcasts since the beginning; the Homestar Runner jokes will continue until morale improves; you should trust no one in academia; future Sven isn’t to be trusted; we hate invisible Nazis; we talk about Persona: trinity soul for some reason, and you should always kick a Nazi in the face.

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