Episode 56: Needs More Gun

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THIS WEEK: “Set Up!” This marks the start of Kamen Rider X (1974), featuring the “kaizorg” Keisuke Jin. It just so happens that this series is Sven and Van’s blindspot as far as showa goes, so this will be a journey for everyone. Join them as they fret over the darker turns the show takes; a dastardly crossover threatens the hosts where it hurts them the most; the GOD General Commander employs a ruthless real estate genius; the Shakespeare references get out of hand; and Van attempts a goof and botches both the takeoff and the landing in extraordinary fashion. You know what Kamen Rider really needed? More gun.

Content warning: Two episodes in this coverage contain depictions of suicide.
(Timestamp #1: 2:00:592:04:46 )
(Timestamp #2: 2:07:412:20:38 …basically all of ep7.)

In general, this coverage contains discussion of abusive family dynamics.


  • Kamen Rider X (1974) 1-7
  • Neptune, Pannic, Hercules, Medusa, Cyclops, Bullman Minotaur, Birdman Icarus
  • Preamble and Dramatis Personae
  • The shinwakaijin, or Mythology Monsters
  • warfarem’n (Warfare Agents)
  • Keisuke and Keitaro Jin
  • The Government of Darkness, G.O.D.
  • Ballistics-proofing with Dr. Sven
  • Trek sidebar: Why are scientists like this, actually
  • AI duplicates
  • Transformation sequences!
  • Masculinity in Rider
  • Pragmatism vs humantarianism
  • Sidebar: Egyptus from 1971
  • “Alpha Gas”
  • Highway chase scenes! Budget!!
  • Forgotten character development
  • The return of Tobei Tachibana, bike grampa
  • Mood whiplash!!!
  • Skull Man flashbacks


  • “Fight! Seven Riders!! Showa Rider Taisen” – Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Fourze & OOO: Movie War Megamax
  • Ichiro Mizuki – “Set Up! Kamen Rider X” and “I Am the X Rider”

NEXT WEEK: Farewell, Hakaider Squad, we barely knew ye.

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