Episode 4: The Cyborg of Notre Dame

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THIS WEEK: We start upgrading our equipment; the Ishinomori operating table returns; we debate the ethics of punching jerk intelligent robot psychic babies; Alexa doesn’t phrase something very well; this show runs on video game logic, and it looks like we’re gonna have to jump.


  • Sven has several questions
  • Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier (2001) 1-4
  • Some Skullm’n addenda
  • Introduction to Cyborg 009, its history and adaptations
  • 008’s original design was super racist and bad
  • Dramatis personae
  • When you’re a jet you’re a jet all the way
  • Nobody remembered to animate the baby
  • Joe Shimamura’s Extremely No-Good Very Bad Day
  • No, it’s cool, Black Ghost has plenty of money
  • Cartoon bomb physics and you
  • How many robots can you punch in the frozen time?
  • Only trust your fists, police will never help you
  • Ishinomori villains and systemic evils
  • We really like Doctor Doom
  • Load-bearing holograms
  • Initial D is all the eurobeat you need
  • Protag Brooding 101
  • Cyborg 0010 Plus and Minus
  • Fidget spinner drones to draw that teen demographic
  • The biggest cowarding out
  • Smash cut to Naruto runs
  • This series is darker than we remembered


  •  “Fight! Seven Riders!! Showa Rider Taisen”- Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Fourze & OOO: Movie War Megamax
  • Globe – “What’s the Justice?” and “Genesis of Next”
  • Tetsuya Komuro, Akifumi Tada, Hayato Matsuo – Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier OST
  • Dave Rodgers – “Deja Vu”
  • Tokyo Meistersinger – “Cyborg 009 no Uta”
  • Chiaki Ishikawa – “Taga Tame Ni”

Visual Companion. Additionally, please enjoy a fictionalized version of Kazuhiko Shimamoto gushing over the 1979 Cyborg 009 opening. (Blue Blazes is extremely good.)

NEXT WEEKKamen Rider begins!

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