Episode 2: All For Black Ghost

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THIS WEEK: your hosts are overly optimistic about their ability to finish covering this show; the whole series starts unraveling at both ends; Van understands nothing; we invent a new character by accident; Sven was unconscious for all of episode 4; you can just BUY labcoats; we’re all very tired, and ALL IS FOR BLACK GHOST.



  • Who is Tatsuo Kagura?
  • The Skull Man (2007) 4-7
  • We all understand nothing
  • Ghost trains
  • Akira, that Warren Statesman-looking dude
  • Fake labcoats and finding the Voice of God on a cassingle
  • The Hayato Everywhere System
  • Alternate history geopolitics are still a nightmare
  • Mr. Inoue’s Vision and Oops! All Dominoes
  • My Dinner With Akira
  • Anime is still bad
  • Whether there are any other Tatsuos Kagura we should know about
  • It’s Ishinomori cameo town now
  • Brain Gear
  • Maybe don’t join a cult with a bunch of guns
  • Otomo Has Two Skullm’ns
  • Van Vogt


Alexa’s audio is a little goofed up in this episode, but we did our best to clean it up. Episode 3 was recorded in the same session, so that’ll probably continue next week. Sorry! We have new equipment now, so stay tuned.


  • “Fight! Seven Riders!! Showa Rider Taisen”- Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Fourze & OOO: Movie War Megamax
  • Shiro Sagisu – The Skull Man OST
  • TOKIO – “Hikari no Machi”

Visual Companion.

NEXT WEEKthe skull man ends, we’re finally free

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